New Advances in Electric Golf Trolleys – the Motocaddy

What started out as a simple gentlemen’s game has changed due to the advance of technology. It has been changed through the years to include facilities to make your game more enjoyable, your swing better, and your time more relaxing. Now, instead of having to do everything yourself, there are a number of different products to make it easier for you.

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You can now use electric golf trolleys to get you around the course. You still walk from hole to hole but you are relieved of the chore of both moving and carrying your clubs. If you like the idea of this, why not invest in a Motocaddy. This is an electronic caddy that moves your bag around the golf course. So how does it work? It has a combined on-off switch and speed controller in one button. You simply twist to one of nine digitally controlled speed settings then tap the button to start. It will then smoothly accelerate to your selected speed. Just tap again when you want to stop – there’s no need to reduce the speed setting.

Getting your clubs around is not even as important as your actual game, and thankfully, there are tools to help with your game as well. You can invest in a skycaddie, which will give you information on how far your ball is from the green. Having these types of aids will really help you improve your game, your swing, and help you improve day to day on the golf course.

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While the game is still a relaxing, fun sport, there are a number of tools that will help you enjoy your time out in the sun even more. Consider the benefits of investing today. one of the UK’s premier suppliers of golf equipment is Why not get online and have alook at their site.


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