Play Golf with Precision with Skycaddie

The age of technology has even extended to the golf course. It is no longer a game that is played based on the player’s natural instincts and talents. Products such as skycaddie enhance the game by providing players with a GPS that accompanies them on the green and provides a guide for which direction to travel to next as well as a way to judge how much force to put behind a swing in order to make the next hole and avoid the hazards.

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The skycaddie is only one type of electronic device that gives players the advantage. offers a host of products including a range finder. One brand is the Bushnell PinSeeker and is perfect for any golfer who needs accurate yardage to the pin or virtually any other object on the golf course. It even takes into account the slope with 1 degree accuracy. It is just held in your hand, providing players with precise measurements of the distance to the next hole.

In addition golfers no longer have to rely on golf caddies and can spare their own backs as well with products such as the powakaddy, a brand of electric golf trolley. Electric golf trolleys are excellent for the player who prefers to walk the green rather than use a golf cart, saving time and energy because club bag is placed on the caddy. It can then be pushed to each respective hole. They are powered by lithium batteries, ensuring reliability, have ergonomic handles for comfort in grip, and digital speed control to adjust the speed according to the needs of the player.

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Golf players have more products available to them now than ever before that incorporate modern day advances. All these modern aids means that an individual’s game will almost certainly improve.


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I work for the UK's leading supplier of golf accessories. These include electric golf trolleys and specific top quality brands including Motocaddy, Powakaddy and Skycaddie.
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